Odaiba & Tokyo City – Day 9 & 10

Last two days in Tokyo! Since we had some time to spare, the Cat Café Mocha is a must-go for cat lovers. It’s a place for you to touch all the majestic and beautiful coated cats ranging from species such as the Ragdoll (my favourite!), Scottish Fold, British Shorthair and many more… Each café layout is different and unique. I went to the Shinjuku – largest cat café in Japan and Ikebukuro West branch – which is smaller. One conclusion… it’s a 10/10! Though most cats tend to be sleeping, we could still stroke and talk to them but just not carry them if you do not want the shopkeepers to “come after” you. Cat treats can also be purchased at ¥500. It’s the happiness seeing the kitties coming to you to have a lick at the sugar treats as some would even stand on their two hind feet.

Odaiba City is the next place to go especially if you are a Gundam fan or you have time to indulge in more shopping! Odaiba City is becoming increasingly popular with tourists as it is originally built from reclaimed land. There are lots of shopping, a Ferris Wheel, Onsen, symbolic Fuji TV station, VR Indoor Arcade, Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge and many more. You can expect to spend an entire day if not more, to be able to cover every landmark on the list. This one-day trip only allowed me to do shopping at Diver City and Venus Fort, view the Megaweb Toyota City cars on display.

The Unicorn Gundam outside the Diver City is a replication of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam where there is a daily light show to see it transform to the Gundam in Destroy mode where the frame could expand with pink lights. Unfortunately, this attraction was slightly disappointing as I thought that there would be more movements and the entire show only lasted for a short 3 minutes. Nevertheless, I had a great time visiting the Gundam Base Shop where I looted bags of limited edition Gundam. Totally worth it!

Winter wonderland in Tokyo – Day 1 & 2

Finally after nine long years, I get to visit Japan again! To the land of ramen, culture and innovative inventions. This is my first time visiting in the cold winter and I certainly love the weather there. A real good respite from the hot weather we all face in the little red dot we call home. My family and I took the night flight via the Singapore Airlines and reach Nippon at 6 A.M, ready to start the day right! Staying at Shibuya Excel Tokyo gave us a good view of the iconic Shibuya Crossing together with the very spacious four-bedded room.

We started the day with a good coffee at the Excelsior Cafe while waiting for the shops to open at 10 A.M and so that we could check in to the hotel at 2 P.M. As character fan, the first place to visit is definitely the new Parco shopping center which had the Pokemon center, Nintendo shop, One Piece, Monster hunter and many more! Unfortunately, as it was a Saturday, the crowd was crazy and I did not manage to enter the Nintendo shop but nevertheless some pictures were taken below! Shibuya is really huge and one day is definitely not enough, there are large departmental stores, Mocha Cat Cafe, Shibuya 101, Tokyu Hands and many more…

With the intention of buying a Gen 2 Nintendo Switch, Yodobashi Camera @Akihabara was the go to place! Purchased a Nintendo Switch at 299K yen (around SGD$376) together with an additional set of Joycon with Mario Party. Great deals when there was also a 10% discount and 5% credit card discount when you pay by Visa.