When Covid-19 strikes: Part 2

“Don’t touch this! Don’t touch that! DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!” Indeed, the situation had become worse as we see countries closing their borders, students abroad returning to their home countries, social distancing at hawker centres and many more… If you are thinking that this post is about reminding you to not touch your face? It’s overrated. This post is dedicated to remind you to not be paranoid… I’m not asking you to throw a “don’t care, won’t affect me” tag across your forehead. But what I am trying to emphasize is the fact that as citizens of our own respective countries, we need to do our part to combat this troublesome, sickening and mad virus. Lemme break it down for you πŸ™‚

Tip 2: Don’t be Paranoid.

Lately, there are many mediums sharing news and fake news about the virus. Just merely scrolling the realm of social media giants, you will stumble across at least five posts on COVID-19 in a minute. Not one but five.

Does this make you feel stressed, confused and scared in times like this? If your answer is a confident “YES” continue reading. Even if your answer is “NO”, let’s just continue reading as you might have some ideas on what to do after reading it πŸ˜€

How can you have a peace of mind and not be overly paranoid?

Firstly, eat healthily with at least two servings of fruits each day and cut down on sugary food especially the snacks you munch on while staying at home to chill and watch Netflix all day, everyday. This will help you to boost your immune system to function properly and combat the virus. At the same time, for ladies out there, it will help maintain your weight while binge watching your favourite dramas.

Secondly, E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.. Be it dancing to your favourite music at home or taking a walk around your neighborhood, WHO recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday for adults and an hour for children. This was part of WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 on 20 March 2020.

If possible, head out of your house to walk or jog or run while either wearing a mask (if you have sufficiently stocked up before the virus) or keep at least 1m distance from others. If you are “grounded” at home, mediate, search for exercise videos on YouTube, walk around your house. It’s awesome if your house have stairs, walk up and down like a gazillion times πŸ˜€ Trust me, you will feel great after sweating it out (maybe even in your PJs) but who cares right! You’re at home. Just exercise and move about comfortably.

For workaholics, GET UP! Move about every 45-60minutes. Un-glue yourself from your chair even if your have your back support cushion there or your thousand dollar product. You still need to move. Now, sing it with me!

“I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it” – Madagascar

For those who are bored at home, listen to music, read a book, watch Netflix? These activities sound pretty individualistic horh? Don’t fret, if you crave social gatherings and want to interact with people. Grab your Mom, your Dad, your Brother, your Sister, your Ah-Ma, your Ah-Gong. Sit down and play board game! Or Mahjong! HAHA. It helps to stimulate your brain while spending quality time with your family members. Of course, for gamers out there, play Dota la! Can interact with people leh! See lah! all my Singlish also come out liao. Jia-lut… Not so bad after all right? Staying at home lar-gi best! If you think you poor thing, nothing to do at home… check out this video below. I can guarantee after watching it, you can say bye-bye to all your complains.

Okay now for the last tip below, dun say I never say horh…

If you do go out, please maintain your hygiene. Watch what you are touching and remember to sanitize or wash your hands whenever possible. Please carry tissues with you and cover your mouth with it if you accidentally cough, maybe due to dust? Let’s keep our fingers crossed and check out the video below.

For a more Asian touch, check out KING KONG NEWS NETWORK close up interview with Mr. Batman aka Mr. Bad Man’s family on how their special anti-COVID19 methods.

With that, I’ll end this post with a big thank you for reading through this and I hope that this post has reminded you to keep calm and carry on whilst being careful when you are outside. Keep a lookout for When Covid-19 strikes: Part 3!

Do also check out my previous post on not circulate fake news, if you haven’t done so!

When COVID-19 strikes: Part 1

“Sia la…. Tonite cannot go out again :(” Excuse my singlish and short-forms but the COVID-19 threat is real, and rapidly getting worse… Surely, many of you are nervous and some are unsure of the validity of the information you are reading. As such, I have compiled 3 most important tips that we must all practice to keep the virus at bay so that we can continue with our daily lives. Also, a big thank you to all front-line workers working non-stop to take care of patients and ensuring that our surroundings are properly disinfected.

Tip 1: Don’t circulate fake news

Given that we could easily access information rich social media applications, we are an easy target for those who wish to cause unnecessary social anxiety. Fake news is nothing new but what’s new is how easy it’s become to share information with friends and family. Many are often guilty of not pausing to check the source before sharing which lead to fake news spreading further till the point that it will be difficult to retrace the steps once it gets viral. Now… let’s get critical.

Who sent it?

Received the info or link from your friend or a family member? PAUSE, TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND COUNT TO TEN. If it is a url to a website, check the link. What is the domain name? Beware of sites that end with a second-level domain like “<yourNewsProvider>.com.co”. It might be designed with the intention to trick you to click on it. If you received a picture/info-graphics, check for spellling errrrrors (<–on purpose) and verify the logo source. If so, do not share with others. I repeat, DO NOT SHARE! If you still have doubts, you can use tools such as Google Reverse Image Search to determine if the image was altered.

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes receiving news from various news agencies on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter might seem trustworthy. However… it is so easy for one to create a fake account claiming to be a reputable source (when they are not) – just like the image below. As such, I cannot iterate enough but please.. let us all question the source we are reading and receiving.

What’s the content?

Ask yourself, “Is this post or story trying to persuade me to do something?” If so, let’s examine the evidence. A credible article will include many facts and quotes from experts with actual data and charts to back up their claims. Another way to discern if an information is true is to see who else is reporting the news as well. For the very some piece of information, are news providers such as Channel News Asia and The Straits Times reporting similarly?

The Smart Local had also published an article about the chain of fake news that caused public panic and turmoil, check it out here.

Important links to keep abreast of the latest COVID-19 news and updates:

On a lighter note, check this video out! Mikey shares that he uses tabo instead of toilet paper since everyone across the globe is panic buying it. His humor will definitely keep you entertained (especially if you are working from home) for the next 5 minutes!

Stay safe everyone and don’t forget to wash your hands! πŸ™‚ Do keep a lookout for my next post coming out real soon.