Monkeys! Onsen! in Nagano – Day 3 & 4

Rise and shine! First time visiting Nagano where we had to take a Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano early in the morning and take a train to Yudanaka station to check in to the Kambayashi Hotel Senjukaku. Upon arrival at the station, there was a car arranged by the hotel to pick us up from the station. It took around 10 minutes to reach our accommodation. Upon arrival, the service was great – staff greeted us and served us hot ocha to warm ourselves, mochi snack, explained to us how we could visit the snow monkeys and showed us to our tatami style room.

Hotspring Onsen Time!!! This hotel was pretty good as most of the occupants are the locals and there is an outdoor and indoor onsen. Despite the cold, we tried the outdoor one and surprisingly the water is way hotter than the one inside despite the chilly weather.

Rise and shine! It’s the snow monkey visiting day! After a luxurious breakfast, we hiked for around 1.7KM to reach the onsen that the monkeys were taking their bath. The longer I stood there to snap pictures of the monkeys in their natural habitat the colder I got. Some monkeys soak themselves in the hot water with their faces red as an tomato. Such enjoyment as they helped each other pick out tiny stuff —— LICE! They even ate them after finding one.