Color and Gradient Galore – Part 1

Not sure what color theme for your next web, graphic, app design? I have designed and gathered my top three favorites from my past design works. Each palette comes with a traits tag that might be useful if you wish to choose the colors based on a particular set of traits. Surprisingly, while I was compiling the colors for this post, I was inspired to create two more color palettes. Feel free to use them and let me know how the palette has helped you in the comments section below!

Down-to-earth / Strong / Responsible

Adventurous / Cheerful / Imaginative

Courageous / Delightful / Joyful

Created two more palettes below with personality traits like determination and being cautious. If you have used the following palettes feel free to tag me in the comments section below. Can’t wait to see how the colors helped in your design works!

If you were observant enough, you would probably realise that the featured image of this blog post is created with the palette above 🙂

Stay happy and continue designing and letting your ideas flow! Don’t stop doing what you enjoy!