Portfolio – Commissioned Works

Customised Stickers

Stickers designed for SUTD EPD

commissioned sticker design

Designed stickers to represent SUTD Engineering Product Development (EPD) Programme with the purpose of attracting incoming first year students to join the EPD family.

Stickers designed for Personal Branding

Designed the logo and provided sticker printing service for Wilfred’s personal branding as Prudential Financial Consultant.

Design Rationale: The bee is not bounded by the hexagon which represents Wilfred’s ability to always think out of the box without boundaries pulling him back from delivering the best quality service for his clients.

Also, the bee faces diagonally which signifies strength to discover, constantly improve his services and always be forthcoming to new ideas, allowing him to achieve great progress, especially in times of crisis.

If you are currently planning for your future, feel free to reach out to Wilfred below. “Working like a bee to bring you my best pot of hunny” #yourfavouritefc

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Sing! Men’s Chorus Keychain

Laser cut and customised keychain designs

commissioned keychain design

Vectorized Sing! Men’s Chorus group’s logo for laser cutting and customised the shape with the music G-clef as a special design for the leaders of the group.