Portfolio – 3D Printing Workshop

3D Printing Workshop

No experience in rapid 3D prototyping? Join us in this beginner-friendly workshop where you will learn how 3D printing works. You will also get to learn basic 3D modelling functions like sketch and extrude in Fusion360 to design a computer-aided design (CAD) model.

Role: Lead Workshop Instructor | 3D Printing

Tools: Fusion360 & Cura Slicer

Topics: Design Thinking Process, 3D Modelling and slicing Concepts

uiux workshop image

What to expect?

Topics included:

1. What is 3D prototyping?

2. How to go from ideation to prototype?

3. Design your prototype with Fusion360

4. Learn how to slice and print 3D files

Participants to bring: Laptop with Autodesk Fusion360 software installed

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Cost: Ask for quote

No. of participants: 25 – 30