Our Polymer Clay Journey

June 6, 2020

It all started at the beginning of Singapore’s circuit breaker where I chanced upon some ads that Polymer Clay jewellery makers posted on Instagram. That was when I took notice and showed my mom about this new craft that we might both enjoy.

Moments later, she googled more about it and immediately “took action”. We bought our first set of polymer clay on Spotlight. While we waited for it to arrive, we went through many tutorials and beginner guides online to find out how we could get started with this new craft. My mom was all along into handicrafts as she designed many resin pendants since four years ago.

Finally, after a week (feels very long tbh as we were so excited to start after seeing all the tutorials online), we received our starting materials. Polymer clay of different colors from Sculpey Premo & Accents.

This was actually the third time we bought from Spotlight as we were both too excited to start working on our clay the first and second time so no pictures were taken then.

What I felt when creating crafts with Polymer Clay?

“It is just like PLAY-DOH!” I exclaimed. The texture was just right after conditioning the clay. Not too soft not too hard and sticky. It was fairly simple to work with. There was an indescribable happiness I’ve felt when I saw my “babies” come to live after baking in the oven. 😀 I still get that joy when I pull out a tray baked beauties.

As a Nintendo fan, these mushroom army was my very first creation upon receiving our first batch of clay. Speaking of which, I will add creating a set of Nintendo Switch clay accessories to my design list! Do let me know in the comments on what characters you wish to see us design! So exciting!

Over time, I explored different styles and not sure why but I feel that braiding polymer clay is just so satisfying. Seeing how each braid overlaps nicely on top of the other but at the same time ensuring that not too much pressure is applied. Otherwise, there will be those dents on the back of the braids. Lots of attention and patience are placed into creating these delicate pieces.

These are some styles that I have experimented and created thus far…

These are just a small preview of some designs I’ve created thus far.
All our designs are on our website.

So what’s next for us?

We will definitely be creating a lot more designs of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, and 3D printed polymer clay cutters which will be made available for sale on our website.

On top of that, we will also be creating some polymer clay tutorials and beginner guides based on our experience thus far. Do keep a lookout for more updates by following us on Instagram!

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