Top 2 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day during Quarantine

May 7, 2020

Given this year’s unique circumstances, many are celebrating mother’s day at home or even virtually. Even if you do not stay with your mom and still wish to celebrate Mother’s day together, there are 2 best ways that will help make this year’s celebration an unforgettable one.

To polymer clay makers out there, you are one step ahead!

For those who are not… Don’t fret, I’m here to help! 😀

One day a year is focused on moms – women warriors who work, teach, care, cook, wiping tears from their own tired eyes and when their children anger them. In fact, their “job description” is freaking long. Since they do so much, shouldn’t we celebrate more?

There is also a saying which goes “everyday can be Mother’s day, not just once a year”. Moms do not have designated rest days. Even while they “sleep”, they are still thinking of their child that refuses to sleep early despite having school the next day.

Once you become a mom, you’re a mom forever and always.

So let’s try out this 2 ways to appreciate your mom’s effort especially in times of social distancing!

Step 1: Spend quality time together

For those staying together with your mom, LUCKY YOU! You have so many activities that you could do together.

  • Order delivery and chat over breakfast, lunch and dinner (Or even better, whip up a meal right in your own kitchen – she will be moved to tears especially for those who cook once in a blue moon; or never)
  • Help her complete household chores (Trust me, she will be very grateful if you do that. Or even better clean the windows etc TOGETHER!)
  • Teach her how to use Instagram or any photo editing apps (You will be amazed by her creativity and how this could help eliminate her boredom, if any)

Even if you are not staying together, here are some ideas!

  • Virtual Dinner Date (Order the same food items and get it delivered to both your mom and yourself to savour the meal together)
  • Host a Netflix Party (There is a group chat feature incorporated. Alternatively, just WHATSAPP VIDEO CALL her and see her laugh REALTIME)
  • Workout together (Create a fitness playlist on Youtube and share it with your mom and tap into the joy of dancing)

Step 2: Prepare gifts (Polymer clay+ eGift)

If you have not decided what gifts to mail over or give your mom. You might want to start DIY-ing right away! If you are attracted by the possible creations you could design using polymer clay. Just like the examples below.

Here’s what you need to get started!

  • Sculpey Premo Oven Bake Clay (For those living in Singapore, there is a 30% Spotlight SALE; Alternatively, get them from Amazon) Would be great if you could purchase the basic colors like white, red, yellow, blue and black so that you can mix to obtain other colors!
  • Oven (Hopefully, there is one in your kitchen!) Note: Just to be clear, please please please do not cook both your polymer clay and food together.
  • Pen/Art Knife (If not, a clean scissors blade would work too)
  • Your mom’s old earrings/necklace chain (You can reuse old earring hooks or studs to create a fresh design for her! Why not, right?)

These are the three basic materials and tools to get you started creating your mom’s favourite earring/bracelets/pendants/keychain etc!

I have shared some ideas and creation at the end of this post which might help you think of a design to create. If you do use them as reference, please tag us at on Facebook or Instagram with your remake!



If you are just starting out in polymer clay and your materials will not arrive if you placed an order today, send her an eGift card instantly using Canva.

This is a perfect example of some eGift card designs you could send her while you wait for the materials to arrive.

Last but not least, here are some ideas which we had designed to kick start your DIY process. Hope this helps!

Design Inspiration 1

The following set of earrings is perfect for mommies who like minimalistic designs and gemstones. We chose to design Ruby Quartz (right image) as it is the perfect color to remove negativity and toxicity from one’s life and enrich it with positive energy.

Design Inspiration 2

If your mom’s favourite color is P I N K, this set is best suited for her! The pink swirls represent harmony, beginning, concentration, and focus. For working moms, the spirals will help them in their journey, direction, and progress.

Design Inspiration 3

If you recall that your mom usually helps you braid your hair when you are young, this would be a great gift set to surprise and thank her for all these years of hard work and love that she showers on you!

Design Inspiration 4

Foodies gather!! If your mom loves sweet stuff, she might glow when she sees the candy like earrings on the left OR indulge in Mala (right) as is the latest comfort food for many.

Design Inspiration 5

Although it sucks to be quarantine at home and miss the warm sunshine on your skin. You might consider designing a sunshine related series that emits freshness, happiness and positive vibes.

For more designs, be sure to follow us on our Instagram page at

You can direct message us to order or enquire! We are friendly and won’t bite. 😀

Do leave your comments below if you felt that this post have help you in preparing a surprise for your dearest mommy.

Signing off now, cheers! 🙂

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