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User Experience Designer.
Workshop Instructor.

I am Michelle Cheah from the little red dot and design is my passion. It delights me when developing UI/UX interfaces, Android Apps, graphic illustrations and teaching technology to young audiences.

I strongly believe in creating human-centric designs that will improve productivity especially in this fast-paced digital world we all live in.

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“Creativity is contagious.
Pass it on.”

Life is exciting. Life is crazy. Life is filled with ups and downs. My blog is simply a white canvas where I would document my interests, trips and maybe even some useful design tips/tutorials that might help spark new insights.

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The sky’s the limit.
Anything is possible.

I design graphics for a range of products, hit me up if you want a customized design. Products include t-shirt, handphone case, badges, earrings and many more…

Do also check out my website where you can find unique polymer clay handicrafts and mechanical artisan keycaps. What are you waiting for?

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